. Scatolificio Emmepi Box Factory, Vinci, Italy - Cardboard packagings of different weights and corrugations, packagings for the shipment of hanging garments


Emmepi Box Factory produces corrugated paperboard boxes in any shape and size, with special attention on large boxes.

Thanks to the experience of thirty years in the manufacture of cardboard boxes, the Emmepi Box Factory is able to satisfy all the needs of market, creating tailored products and services.

According to the needs of the customer, all boxes can be personalized not only for shape and size, but also with print in black and white or in colour.

It is possible to request and buy a wide range of products.
In the catalogue there are:

Scatolificio Emmepi Box Factory, Vinci, Italy - Our products: corrugated cardboard boxes in all sizes, special boxes for the shipment of clothing

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