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Box Pallet

Among the top products of the Emmepi box factory there are Box Pallets, packages made with the same dimensions as the pallet (e.g. 80x120 and 100x120 cm) and with any height.

The boxes can be produced with any type of cardboard, even 3 waves: they are in fact very suitable also for the shipment of heavy or bulky products, such as motors or electrical panels. They are boxes widely used in the field in mechanics.

The Emmepi box factory will be able to have very competitive prices for these products, as the newly installed Casemaker can produce these boxes in one step, thus saving considerable time for production: all this savings will affect the final cost of the box that will thus be very competitive compared to boxes with the same characteristics, but not produced with the latest generation machinery.

Scatolificio Emmepi Box Factory, Vinci, Florence, Italy - Cardboard Box Pallets with custom print and no height restrictions

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