Corrugated cardboard boxes in all sizes, special boxes for the shipment of hanging garments: all items available in stock
Scatolificio Emmepi Srl
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Items in stock

The Emmepi box factory has in stock a wide choice of items ready for sale and available to customers: in fact, it always keeps more than 40 box sizes ready in stock. Customers can go to the factory and choose the size that best suits their needs.

Among these ready-to-purchase items, more than 20 are cabinets (cases) for the shipment of hanging garments; customized supports for cabinets are also available, both plastic and steel.

Among the items in-stock in the Emmepi box factory, there is a wide availability of hanging boxes, self-erecting and postal boxes, and many other packaging products such as scotch, tissue paper, pallets, strapping, staplers and staples refills.

  • Cabinets cm 50x40x100

  • Cabinets cm 55x20x110

  • Cabinets cm 55x20x140

  • Cabinets cm 55x30x110

  • Cabinets cm 55x30x120

  • Cabinets cm 55x30x140

  • Cabinets cm 55x40x110

  • Cabinets cm 55x40x120

  • Cabinets cm 55x40x140

  • Cabinets cm 55x50x110

  • Cabinets cm 55x50x120

  • Cabinets cm 55x50x140

  • Cabinets cm 55x60x100

  • Cabinets cm 55x60x110

  • Cabinets cm 55x60x120

  • Cabinets cm 55x60x140

  • Cabinets cm 55x70x100

  • Cabinets cm 55x70x110

  • Cabinets cm 55x70x120

  • Cabinets cm 55x70x140

  • Cabinets cm 55x80x110

  • Boxes cm 110x55x20

  • Boxes cm 110x55x30

  • Boxes cm 110x55x40

  • Boxes cm 110x55x50

  • Boxes cm 130x55x50

  • Boxes cm 45x30x25

  • Boxes cm 60x40x20

  • Boxes cm 60x40x30

  • Boxes cm 60x40x40

  • Boxes cm 60x40x50

  • Boxes cm 78x58x20

  • Boxes cm 78x58x30

  • Boxes cm 78x58x40

  • Boxes cm 78x58x50

  • Die-cut boxes h cm 5 meas: 62x49x5

  • Die-cut boxes h cm 5 meas: 62x49x10

  • Post boxes cm 78x58x22

  • Post boxes cm 78x58x28

  • Post boxes cm 78x58x35

  • Post boxes cm 78x58x13

  • Post boxes cm 78x58x18

  • Post boxes cm 78x58x8

Scatolificio Emmepi Box Factory, Vinci, Florence, Italy - Products available in stock: corrugated cardboard boxes in all sizes, special boxes for the shipment of clothing

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