Corrugated cardboard boxes in all sizes
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Corrugated cardboard boxes

Emmepi Box Factory is able to produce any type of box and with any type of cardboard: from the single wave - the most economic and suitable for small boxes - to the double wave - the most used, extremely versatile - up to 3 waves, a very resistant cardboard suitable for packing very heavy objects.

The Emmepi Box Factory has no limits neither of measures (it can produce from the smallest box to the pallet boxes, boxes as large as pallets), nor of prints (it can apply prints with different colors and in high definition to meet any need).

The company can also produce boxes with punches, such as "mouths" to create displays, or handles to facilitate transport.

Scatolificio Emmepi Box Factory, Vinci, Florence, Italy - Corrugated cardboard boxes in all sizes.

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